I grew up beside a lake in a rural part of New Jersey, spending my days

outdoors as much as the weather would allow. My consciousness

became attuned to the rhythms of the seasons and the energy of nature.

The lines and forms in my paintings speak to the way branches hang in air

and water splashes and flows.

Sometimes I am inspired by places I live or have traveled. The beauty and

special light that exists in northern California have been a constant

source for me. A recent trip to India informed my latest body of work.

Captivated by the saturated colors present in everyday life, I set out to

paint what I saw, emboldened by the vast range of color on daily display.

The resulting paintings reveal a luminous and expanded palette that has

invigorated and instilled the work with the joyousness of my adventure.

Another important influence on my work has been my lifelong appreciation

of music. Working in the abstract, I feel like I am channeling the vigor and

cadences of nature and music. Rhythms appear as drips and

brushstrokes; colors and patterns are quiet, loud, energized, erratic. 

My work process is both exploratory and considered, utilizing multiple

materials on changeable surfaces, always venturing into unknown

territory. I work on several paintings at once, improvising with

drawing, dripping, brushing paint until I get to a place with each piece

that reflects a moment in time, the unexpected, as if captured in action.

My approach to painting is both experiential and experimental, my

interest is expressing beauty, light and energy in the work.

Alyce Gottesman



Hampta Valley (downpour), 48” x 36”, acrylic, ink, graphite on canvas, 2018